Q: Am I limited to the designs on your website?

A: No. We can create a new design, or if you already have a design in mind, fax or e-mail it to us for a quote.


Q: I have a "Heatilator" fireplace. Can you do a make over?

A: Absolutely, many of the fireplace doors in our portfolio are "Covers" for pre engineered fireplaces. We're happy to upgrade your existing fireplace. Call or email for details.


Q: I love your product, but I'm concerned about the price.

A: Price is determined by style and size. Generally, our doors range between $1700 and $2500 USD per set plus shipping and handling. (Please see Policies page for additional information).


Q: How do I know that the fireplace doors will fit an opening with masonry/brick already in place?

A: We suggest making a cardboard or plywood template of the opening and sending it to us. In turn, we can build the fireplace doors to match the opening exactly.


The alternative is to contact us to request a diagram. Simply fill in the measurements for each set of points indicated. We will build your fireplace doors to these measurements minus 1/2" overall dimension. This allows for mortar and irregular stone.


Q: How difficult is installation?

A: Installation is quick and simple, normally requiring 10 to 15 minutes and a 9/16" wrench.


Q: I am building a new home. What are your standard sizes?

A: Since this is a true blacksmith shop, there are no standard sizes. We would get bored. We forge each set of doors to meet our customer's needs. We will build the doors to match your fireplace.


Q: What is the purpose of a back plate for a new fireplace?

A: The back plate insures a perfect fit. Once the back plate is installed, the masons can stone (or brick) over it. After the masonry is completed, the fireplace doors can be bolted to the pre-drilled and tapped back plate, thus simplifying installation. At this point, only an adjustable wrench is needed to complete installation. In addition, this protects the fireplace doors during the masonry process.


Q: What can I expect to pay in freight charges?

A: Our fireplace doors are solid and heavy, often exceeding 100 pounds. Therefore, they must be shipped via truck. We work with various freight companies so we may offer the lowest rate available. Quotes are available upon request. In some cases, it may be possible to ship via UPS.


Q: I am building a new home and, due to lack of planning, need my doors immediately. How quickly can I receive my order?

A: Through years of experience with custom builders, we have come to appreciate the occasional fireplace door emergency (i.e. need it in three weeks). Our normal lead time is 6 to 8 weeks, though we always try to accomodate our customers the best we can. Our changing schedule sometimes allows us to expedite your order. Contact us regarding current availability.


Q: How do I get the ball rolling?

A: Upon confirmation of design and dimensions, we will fax (or e-mail) a proposal. Upon receipt of your deposit, your order will be scheduled.


Q: Are these doors airtight?

A: No. Due to the forging process, there are irregularities in the material. Our best estimate is that our doors are 90% to 95% airtight.


Q: Can I have wire mesh and glass on my fireplace doors?

A: Yes. A sliding wire mesh curtain can be attached to the back of the frame, or we can fabricate an additional set of wire mesh doors to set inside of the main/glass doors. The fireplace doors will house 1/4” tempered glass.


Q: Can my mason or builder contact you directly if they have questions?

A: Yes. We pride ourselves on providing personal attention to our customers. Please feel free to call us any time; however, it is difficult to hear the phone when you're hammering on an anvil! If we miss your call, rest assured we will respond as quickly as possible