Welcome to Ironton Forge!


Hand forged lighting and fireplace doors is our specialty at Ironton Forge. Our goal is to provide exquisite ironwork using time-honored blacksmithing techniques in each hand forged lighting fixture or fireplace door we create. All items are truly hand-forged using the same methods that have been employed for hundreds of years and take their shape and beauty at the anvil under the inspiration of our smiths.

 Blacksmithing is thought to be a lost art by some; so every day we strive to carry on the tradition in our work which gives the same feel and life that was achieved by the blacksmiths of the past. The attention to detail , which we insist upon , provides our customers with pieces that are virtually flawless. The old wives tale that something must have hammer marks to prove it is actually hand forged is a falsehood. We have dedicated countless hours acquiring and improving the skills necessary to reduce the incidence of unsightly hammer marks. Today's technology has not been able to replicate the look and feel of hand-forged iron.

As we take great pride in our work, we stamp each piece with our touchmark and born-on date. We invite you to compare our craftsmanship to that of other lighting and fireplace door manufacturers. No flimsy metal or sloppy welds here.

Though we have many competitors, we have little competition...